This year we have expanded the number of booked rooms at Kivik's hotel to 15 double rooms and 6 single rooms.
Many rooms have their own charm and we are free to choose.

You can choose from this:

  •  Superior Double Room with Sea View
  • Double room with sea view.
  • Double room superior to the park.
  • Larger double room facing the park.
  • Standard double room facing the park.
  • Single room facing the park
  • Single Room (Double Room for Own Use)


The President and the Vice President have contacted me and pointed out which rooms they want. You can also do this by contacting me and booking this already.

Next year is the 10th anniversary and we will do extra festive.

This year (2018) we were 32 members, who on the way to Kivik visited Foteviken's Viking Museum and Dag Hammarskölds Backåkra. Next year we will take another route and if you want to be sure of getting a seat, you should book in now. Send an email to PO Kjellborn or Finn Kjær Hansen!

Greetings PO